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  • Coolness of Early Autumn
    Folding Screens
    Item Number : 19010

    Katayama Nanpu

    Coolness of Early Autumn

    Biography Katayama Nanpu(1887-1980) was a Japanese-style painter born in Kumamoto Prefecture. Learned painting under Takahashi Koko. Upon winning the second prize at bunten exhibition, studied under Yokoyama Taikan. Restored Nakiryu(Roaring Dragon) ceiling painting on Yakushido hall of Rinnoji Temple, Mt. Nikko(Tochigi Prefecture). Member of the Japan Art Academy. Member of Nihon bijutsuin(Japan Academy of Fine Arts).
    • color on paper with one 6-panel folding screen(half of the pair)
    • dimensions: 169×372 cm(artwork), 173×376 cm(overall) 
    • minor remains bookworm on left upper part and one minor wear or tear on the back of the screen
    • exhibited at the 28th Restored Nihonbijutsuin exhibition (only right screen of the pair)

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  • Moon and Bush Clover
    Hanging scroll
    Item Number : 18093

    Sakai Hoitsu

    Moon and Bush Clover

    Biography Sakai Hoitsu (1761-1828) was a Japanese painter born in Edo (present Tokyo) as the second son of Sakai Tadazane, the lord of Himeji Domain (Hyogo Prefecture). Studied Ukiyo-e under Utagawa Toyoharu in Kyoto. Influenced by Ogata Korin and accomplished the painting style of Edo Rimpa School. Also excelled at Haikai and his notable works include a “Flowering plants of summer and autumn (a pair of 2-hold screens)”
    • color on silk with silk mounting
    • dimensions: 98×35 cm(artwork), 180×46 cm(overall) 
    • minor foxing on the artwork of silk
    • with wooden storage box

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  • Chrysanthemum  with self-inscription
    Hanging scroll
    Item Number : 18096

    Hinaya Ryuho

    Chrysanthemum with self-inscription

    Biography Hinaya Ryuho(1595-1669) was Hinaya Ryuho (1595-1669) was a Japanese poet born in Kyoto. Lived by crafting Hina doll. Studied Haikai under Matsunaga Eitoku and Waka under Karasuma Mitsuhiro. Illustrated for "Bunshososhi" of Nara-ehon(a type of picture story book). Influenced next generation as a pioneer of Haiku painting.

    Okura Kosai(?-1863)was a connoisser of old writing born in Kyoto.
    • wash on paper with silk mounting/center part:flower design dye
    • dimensions: 73×26 cm(artwork), 145×28 cm(overall) 
    • minor crease and bookworm on paper
    • include appraisal tag by Okura Kosai
    • with wooden storage box

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  • Calligraphy
    Hanging scroll
    Item Number : 17009

    Hotani Komei


    Biography Hotani Komei (1913-1995) the 512nd head priest of Daitoku-ji
    • ink on paper with silk mounting
    • dimension: 41×59cm(artwork), 138×62cm(overall)
    • with wooden storage box signed by the artist

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  • Incense Box in Shape of Eggplant
    Incense Case
    Item Number : 15060

    Otagaki Rengetsu

    Incense Box in Shape of Eggplant

    Biography Otagaki Rengetsu (1791-1875) was a female poet born in Kyoto. Daughter of Todo Yoshikiyo, chief retainer of Iga-ueno Domain. Learned poems under Chigusa Arikoto. After the death of her husband, entered the Buddhist nunhood under Gesshin of Jinko-in Temple. Mentor of Tomioka Tessai.
    • ceramic
    • dimensions: h.5cm×l.6cm×w.5cm
    • with wooden storage box

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