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  • Letter dated January 9
    Hanging scroll
    Item Number : 23151

    Furuta Oribe

    Letter dated January 9

    Biography Furuta Oribe (1544-1615) was a Japanese tea master and general of samurai born in Mino(present Gifu prefecture). A distinguished pupil of the foremost tea master, Sen no Rikyu. Served under the succeeding warlords, Oda Nobunaga, Toyotomi Hideyoshi and okugawa Ieyasu. Successful at producing his style of tea utensils, architecture and gardens associating with tea ceremony.The founder of "Oribe ware " for pottery and the Oribe school of tea ceremony.
    • ink on paper with silk mounting
    • 16 x 48 cm(artwork), 96 x 51 cm(overall)
    • remains of bookworm on paper and minor foxing/minor remains of bookworm on mounting
    • with wooden storage box

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  • Pine with Haiku
    Hanging scroll
    Item Number : 23123

    Kobayashi Issa

    Pine with Haiku

    Biography Kobayashi Issa (1763-1827) was a Japanese poet born in Sinano (present Nagano prefecture). Learned Haiku poem under Mizoguchi Somaru, the third head of Katsushika school and Nirokuan Chikua. His famous Haiku collection includes “Oragaharu”.
    • ink on paper with silk mounting
    • 54 x 22cm(artwork),126 x 28cm(overall)
    • minor crease on paper and mounting
    • with wooden storage box signed "Hakumin-Anju certificate"

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  • Flower Design Plate
    Item Number : 23066

    Kawai Kanjiro

    Flower Design Plate

    Biography Kawai Kanjiro (1890~1966) was a Japanese potter born in Shimane. Learned pottery under Itaya Hazan.
    • pottery with frame
    • diam.: 17 cm
    • 33 x 42 cm(overall)
    • with handwritten label signed and sealed by the artist

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  • Treasure Ship
    Hanging scroll
    Item Number : 22008


    Treasure Ship

    Biography Goshun (1752-1811) was a Japanese painter born in Kyoto. Founder of Shijo school. Learned haiku and Nanga under Yosa Buson since 1773. Through associating with Maruyama Okyo, his painting style was changed into realistic one. Matsumura Keibun is his younger brother. Besides painting, excelled at Noh song and Yokobue(bamboo flute) playing etc.
    • wash and gold paste on silk with silk mounting
    • dimensions:102×28cm(artwork),179×39cm(overall)
    • minor foxing on silk and mounting
    • with wooden storage box signed by Ueno Asahi

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  • Camelia and Plum Blossoms
    Hanging scroll
    Item Number : 19068

    Tosa Mitsuoki

    Camelia and Plum Blossoms

    Biography Tosa Mitsuoki (1617-1691) was a Japanese painter born in Izumi(presently the part of Osaka Prefecture) under his father, Tosa Mitsunori. In 1654, promoted Leutenant of the Left Division of Inner Palace Guards, Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade. Became the head of the official court atelier and revived the Tosa school of painting place that ceased since Tosa Mitsumoto. One of the three famous painters of the Tosa school.
    • color on silk with silk mounting
    • dimensions: 96×36cm(artwork), 182×49cm(overall)
    • with wooden storage box

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