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  • Mount Fuji
    Item Number : 22146

    Ito Yoshihiko

    Mount Fuji

    Biography Ito Yoshihiko(1867-1942)was a Western-style painter born in Kyoto. Studied painting under Harada Naojiro, Tamura Soryu and Koyama Shotaro.
    • oil on canvas with frame
    • dimensions: 36×75cm(artwork), 54×102cm(overall)
    • artist signature and sealed at right bottom

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  • Tray for Tea Ceremony
    Tea Utensils, Sculpture, Others
    Item Number : 21093

    Kimura Kenkado, Hosoai Hansai, Totoki Baigai

    Tray for Tea Ceremony

    Biography Kimura Kenkado(1736-1802)
    Hosoai Hansai(1727-1803)
    Totoki Baigai(1731-1804)
    • Kimura Kenkado, Hosoai Hansai(inscription)/ Totoki Baigai(title)
    • dimensions: 56×64×7cm
    • with wooden storage box

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  • Demon asking a Favor of Shoki
    Hanging scroll
    Item Number : 20160

    Nagai Unpei

    Demon asking a Favor of Shoki

    Biography Nagai Unpei(1833-1899)
    • wash on paper with silk mounting
    • dimensions: 28×54cm(artwork), 135×67cm(overall) 
    • minor foxing and bookworm and traces of the restoration on paper
    • with the auction tag at Nagai Unperi honoring association
    • with wooden storage box singed by Kimura Kido

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  • Twin Cranes
    Hanging scroll
    Item Number : 11088

    Hidaka Shokoku 

    Twin Cranes

    Biography 1881-1961 
    • (1935)
    • color on silk with silk mounting
    • dimensions: 148×51cm(artwork), 232×66cm(overall)
    • minor foxing in silk
    • with double wooden storage box signed by the artist

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