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  • Sweetfish
    Item Number : 20051

    Fukuda Heihachiro


    Biography Fukuda Heihachiro (1892-1974)
    • color on paper with frame
    • dimensions: 26×24 (artwork) 45×43 (overall)
    • appeared on the book, "Fukuda Heihachiro", published by Nikkei, Inc. in 1976
    • with wooden storage box signed by the artist

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  • Cicada and Willow
    Hanging scroll
    Item Number : 20049

    Shida Yaba , Rikuunshi Taikyu

    Cicada and Willow

    Biography Shida Yaba (1663~1740)

    Rikuunshi Taikyu (?-?)
    • Shida Yaba (inscription)/ Rikuunshi Taikyu (painting)
    • wash on paper with silk mouting
    • dimensions: 89×29(artwork) 164×31(overall)
    • with wooden storage box signed by 二畳庵桃兮

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  • Monkeys(1800)
    Hanging scroll
    Item Number : 20047

    Mori Sosen


    Biography Mori Sosen(1749-1821) was a Japanese painter born in Nagasaki. Studied Kano school painting under Yamamoto Joshunsai. Influenced by realism of Maruyama Okyo. Excelled at painting animals especially monkeys.

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  • Bird on a Young Bamboo Tree
    Hanging scroll
    Item Number : 15016

    Tsuji Kako

    Bird on a Young Bamboo Tree

    Biography Tsuji Kako(1871-1931) was a Japanese-style painter born in Kyoto. Sutudied under Kono Bairei. Referred as one of the four great disciples of Bairei Kono along with Seiho Takeuchi and active in Bunten. Appointed head of the Kyoto Municipal School of Arts and Crafts and also became principal of the Kyoto Municipal Special School of Painting where he had taught younger people for many years. His pupils include Tomita Keisen
    • color on silk with silk mounting
    • dimensions: 132×42cm(artwork), 224×56cm(overall)
    • with double wooden storage box signed by the artist

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  • Set of Seven Small Fans
    Item Number : 11314

    Yamamoto Chikuun

    Set of Seven Small Fans

    Biography 1820-1888
    • ink, color and gold powder on paper
    • dimensions: 9×14cm(overall)
    • with wooden storage box signed by Nyochikusanjin

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  • Rose
    Item Number : 11258

    Iwasawa Shigeo


    Biography 1972-2009
    • color on paper ; unmounted
    • dimension: 36×8 (overall)
    • minor fox on paper

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