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  • Bull
    Hanging scroll
    Item Number : 23019

    Nagata Koi


    Biography Nagata Koi(1900-1997) was a haiku poet born in Hyogo prefecture. Entered in Mitsubishi Paper Mills Limited in 1917 and started making haiku in 1920. Studied haiku under Iwaki Tsutsuji. Excelled at calligraphy and painting. Associated with Munakata Shiko, Kawai Kanjiro and Suda Kokuta.
    • color on paper with paper mounting
    • 43 x 64 cm(artwork), 136 x 77 cm(overall)
    • minor foxing on paper
    • with wooden storage box signed by the artist(1969)

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  • Peonies
    Hanging scroll
    Item Number : 22064

    Maruyama Okyo


    Biography Maruyama Okyo(1733-1795) was a painter born in Tanba(present part of Kyoto Prefecture). Studied painting under Washida Yutei in Kyoto. Also studied Chinese and Western paintings. Founder of the Maruyama school. Excelled at painting animals and plants. His noted pupils include Goshun, Nagasawa Rosetsu, Mori Tetsuzan, Gessen and Mori Sosen.
    • color on silk with silk mounting
    • 116 × 50 cm(artwork), 209 × 65 cm(overall)
    • minor foxing/minor traces of bookworms on silk
    • with wooden storage box

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  • Late Spring in the Suburb
    Item Number : 22055

    Shibahara Kisho

    Late Spring in the Suburb

    Biography Shibahara Kisho(1885-1954) was a painter born in Okayama. Studied painting under Takeuchi Seiho. Excelled at haiku painting.
    • color on paper with frame
    • 91 × 100 cm(artwork), 110 × 122 cm(overall)
    • exhibited at "Imperial Art Academy Exhibition" (1934)

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  • Calligraphy
    Hanging scroll
    Item Number : 21115

    Masuda Dono


    Biography Masuda Dono(1848-1938)
    • ink on paper with silk mounting
    • dimensions: 111×29cm(artwork), 200×43cm(overall) 
    • with wooden storage box

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  • Tray
    Item Number : 21092

    Hosokawa Rinkoku


    Biography Hosokawa Rinkoku (1780-1843) was a seal carver and a poet of Chinese-poem style, born in Sanuki. Learned seal carving under Abe Ryozan. Excelled at poetry and painting, especially landscape paintings and ink bamboo paintings.
    • zelkova tree (the rim:vermillion-lacquered on paulownia)
    • dimensions: 60×65x4cm
    • engraved "林谷山人戯刻" at lower right

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