Artworks of the Month

  • Vase
    Item Number : 23038

    Katori Hotsuma


    Biography Katori Hotsuma(1874-1954) was a Japanese metalworker, Haiku-poet born in Chiba.
    • old copper
    • H x diam. x W: 21.6 x 3.5 x 6.7cm
    • with wooden storage box signed by the artist

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  • Waka - Japanese Poem
    Hanging scroll
    Item Number : 21005

    Mori Takachika

    Waka - Japanese Poem

    Biography Mori Takachika(1819-1871)
    • ink/gold dust on paper with silk mounting
    • dimensions: 43×56cm(artwork), 128×64cm(overall) 
    • minor bookworm on both artwork and futai part of mounting
    • with wooden storage box

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  • Tiger and Dragon
    Hanging scroll
    Item Number : 19086


    Tiger and Dragon

    Biography Ganku (1756-1838) was a Japanese painter and the founder of Kishi school born in Kaga (present Ishikawa Prefecture). Developed his painting style as the Kishi school after self-learning the style of the Maruyama , the Shijo and the Kano school. His pupils include Kishi Renzan and Mochizuki Gyokusen. Excelled at bird-and-flower and tiger paintings.

    • 2 scrolls
    • wash on silk with silk mounting
    • dimensions: 99×35 cm (artwork), 188×49 (overall)
    • minor foxing on silk, minor foxing and minor crease on silk mounting
    • with auction tag
    • with wooden storage box

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  • Hotei
    Hanging scroll
    Item Number : 19052

    Unkoku Toeki , Kosetsu Soryu


    Biography Unkoku Toeki (1591-1644) was a Japanese painter born in Aki (present Hiroshima Prefecture). A son of Unkoku Togan.  

    Kosetsu Soryu(1594-1666) was a Japanese Ronzai monk born in Izumi-Sakai, Osaka). Learned under Takuan Soho. Successor of Kogetsu Sogan in Ryuko-in. The 181th head priest of Daitokuji. Excelled at calligraphies.
    • ink on paper with silk mounting
    • dimensions: 109×38cm(artwork), 181×40cm(overall)
    • a minor crease in paper , minor wear in box
    • with wooden storage box signed by Gesshu Sochu

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  • Calligraphy
    Item Number : 19034

    Kumagai Morikazu


    Biography Kumagai Morikazu (1880-1977) was a Western-style painter born in Gifu prefecture and his father was the first mayor of Gifu. Graduated from the western painting department at Tokyo School of Fine Arts (present Tokyo University of the Arts). In 1909 accepted for Bunten. In 1910, once returned home due to his mother's death but later moved to Tokyo again. Became a member of the Nika Association and also joined the founding of the Niki association. In his later years, unconventionally developed his own painting style as an independent painter. Excelled at both Western-style/ink paintings and calligraphy.
    • ink on paper with frame
    • dimensions: 36×6 cm(artwork), 67×27 cm(overall)
    • with certificate of authentication issued by "Kumagai Morikazu suibokutansaiga kanteitorokukai"(the Kumagai Morikazu Society)

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