• Moon Rabbit
  • Moon Rabbit
  • Moon Rabbit
Moon Rabbit
Moon Rabbit
Moon Rabbit
Hanging scroll
Item Number : 23118
Artist Matsumura Keibun
Title Moon Rabbit
Biography Matsumura Keibun(1779-1843) was a Japanese painter born in Kyoto. A leading figure of Shijo school. Studied painting under his brother, Matsumura Goshun, who established the Shijo school. Studied life drawing of Maruyama Okyo and established his own personal style. Excelled at bird-and-flower painting.
  • ink on paper with silk mounting
  • 133 x 58cm(artwork),205 x 61cm(overall)
  • minor crease on paper
  • with wooden storage box
Price 150,000Yen
Season autumn
Period Mid Edo(1700-1799),Late Edo(1800-1867)

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