• Cherry Blossoms
Cherry Blossoms
Hanging scroll
Item Number : 22025
Artist Yoshimura Kokei,Sakamoto Kosetsu
Title Cherry Blossoms
Biography Yoshimura Kokei(1769-1836) was a Japanese painter born in Kyoto as the son of Yoshimura Ranshu. Served the Honnyo-shonin of Nishihongan-ji temple and produced the decorative paintings of sliding doors. He was a pupil of Maruyama Okyo's later years.

Sakamoto Kosetsu (1800-1853) was the medical officer of Kishu Domain and a herbalist. Son of Sakamoto Junan, the medical officer and herbalist of Wakayama Domain. Studied medicine under his father and herbalism under So Senshun. Served the Nagai clan of Takatsuki Domain in Settsu Province. Excelled at painting; drew illustrations for "Hyakkazusan" by Sakamoto Junan and "Kyukobenrankoshu" by Endo Toru.
  • Yoshimura Kokei(painting) /Sakamoto Kosetsu(inscription)
  • color on silk with silk mounting
  • dimensions:94×30(artwork),185×42(overall)
  • with wooden storage box
Price Sold
Season spring
Period Mid Edo(1700-1799),Late Edo(1800-1867)

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