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Item Number 17006
Artist Fukuzawa Yukichi
Title Calligraphy
Biography Fukuzawa Yukichi (1835-1901) was an educator born in Osaka. Son of Fukuzawa Hyakusuke, a retainer of the Nakatsu domain in Buzen Province. At the age of 14, became a pupil of the Confucian scholar Shiraishi Shozan. Learned Western studies under Ogata Koan in Osaka and studied English. Went to Edo as a teacher of Western studies and established a private school for Western studies. Founder of Keio University. Boarded the Kanrin-maru, the first Japanese navy vessel and left for America and Europe. His written works include "Things Western" and "Encouragement of Learning".

ink on paper with silk mounting
dimension: 128×42cm(artwork), 201×57cm(overall)
with wooden storage box

Price 220,000Yen

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