Satake Hohei  Hakuga (Boya)

  • Hakuga (Boya)
  • Hakuga (Boya)
  • Hakuga (Boya)
  • Hakuga (Boya)

Hakuga (Boya)

Item Number 16112
Artist Satake Hohei
Title Hakuga (Boya)
Biography Satake Hohei (1750-1807) was a Japanese painter born in Shinano(present Nagano prefecture). Studied under Ike Taiga. Excelled at landscape and figure paintings and enjoyed seal-engraving. Travelled around countries and lived in Ueno(present Gunma prefecture)- Numata. Late in life, lived in Shinano(present Nagano prefecture)-Iida.

ink on paper with silk mounting
dimension: 34×51cm(artwork), 112×61cm(overall)
with wooden storage box

Price 300,000Yen

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