Okada Saburosuke  Nude Women

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  • Nude Women
  • Nude Women
  • Nude Women
  • Nude Women
  • Nude Women

Nude Women

Item Number 16080
Artist Okada Saburosuke
Title Nude Women
Biography Okada Saburosuke (1869-1939) was a oil painter born in Saga Prefecture. Studied painting under Soyama Yukihiko and Kuroda Seiki. Went to France as an exchange student sent oversea by Ministry of Education and learned under Raphaël Collin. Established Hongo Research Institute for Western Painting with Fujishima Takeji. Professor of Tokyo School of Arts and selected as Teishitsu Gigeiin (Imperial art expert).

oil on canvas with frame
dimensions: 32×44cm(artwork), 54×66cm(overall)
with certificate by Tokyo Art Club

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