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Chinese Poem

Item Number 16046
Artist Ryokan
Title Chinese Poem

Ryokan(1758-1831) was a monk of Sotoshu sect and poet, born in Echigo Province. Entered the Buddhist priesthood under Genjou of Kosho-ji Temple at the age of 18. Later became a pupil of Kokusen of Entsu-ji temple and traveled around the country. Excelled at Manyo-style poetry, Chinese-style poems and calligraphy.

Yasuda Yukihiko(1884-1978) was a Japanese-style painter born in Tokyo. Studied paintings under Okakura Kakuzo and Kobori Tomoto. Founded the Koji-kai with Maeda Seison. Devoted to re-establishing the Japan Fine Arts Academy. Excelled at history paintings based on Yamato-e techniques. Known as a researcher of Ryokan's calligraphy. His pupils include Ogura Yuki. Member of the Japan Art Academy and recipient of the Order of Culture.


ink on paper with silk mounting
dimensions: 56×59cm(artwork), 151×66cm(overall)
trace of repairment on paper
with wooden storage box signed by Yasuda Yukihiko

Price 650,000Yen

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