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Item Number 15066
Artist Otagaki Rengetsu
Title Waka

Otagaki Rengetsu (1791-1875) was a female poet born in Kyoto. Daughter of Todo Yoshikiyo, chief retainer of Iga-ueno Domain. Learned poems under Chigusa Arikoto. After the death of her husband, entered the Buddhist nunhood under Gesshin of Jinko-in Temple. Mentor of Tomioka Tessai.

Tachibana Daiki(1899-2005) was a monk of Rinzai sect born in Osaka. Entered the Buddhist priesthood in Nanshu-ji Temple. Became chief priest of Tokuzen-ji Temple. Held positions such as chief steward of Daitoku-ji Temple. Restored Nyoi-an Temple and became its chief priest. Inaugurated as President of Hanazono University. Written works include "Rikyu Ni Kaere: Ima Cha No Kokoro Wo to".


ink on paper with silk mounting
dimensions: 33×37cm(artwork), 121×41cm(overall)
with wooden storage box signed by Tachibana Daiki

Price 280,000Yen

Art Watanabe

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