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Japanese Beauty

Item Number 11277
Artist Kajiwara Hisako
Title Japanese Beauty
Biography Kajiwara Hisako(1896-1988) is a Japanese painter born in Kyoto. Graduated from Kyoto Prefectural Second Girls' High School. Studied painting under Chigusa Soun and Kikuchi Keigetsu. Together with Kitani Chigusa and Wake Shunko, they were known as "sankeishu" (three accomplished ladies) who studied under Kikuchi. Joined Hakushin-sha. Excelled at beauty painting of Maiko and Geiko. Awarded Cultural Merit of Kyoto City.

color on paper with gold foil applied to the back
dimensions: 27×24 cm
with original paper case signed by the artist

Price 45,000Yen

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