Ishii Hakutei   Japanese Apricot

  • Japanese Apricot

Japanese Apricot

Item Number 11232
Artist Ishii Hakutei 
Title Japanese Apricot
Biography Ishii Hakutei (1882-1958) was a Western-style painter born in Tokyo. Son of Ishii Teiko, a Japanese-style painter; older brother of Ishii Tsuruzo, a sculptor. Studied under Asai Chu and Nakamura Fusetsu. Joined the Pacific Art Society. Established the art magazine, "Hosun". Organized the Japan Water-colour Society, the Nika Association and the Issuikai Association. Member of the Imperial Art Academy and the Japan Art Academy.

color on silk with gold foil applied to the back; unmounted
dimensions: 24×21cm(overall)

Price 18,000Yen

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